Photography Workshops

"This was not just another course on long exposure photography tools and techniques! I felt the presence of a master craftsman and was intrigued by Dave's step by step coaching method, as he walked me through the essentials of finding the balance in composition and shaping the light and movement within a scene. To have Dave as my coach was a real privilege. We had two one on one sessions in the field and behind his workstation, packed with creative tips, artistic inspiration and lots of 'aha!' moments on my part, as I briefly peeked behind the scene of Dave's creative process. He was focused and engaging but at the same time gave me the freedom to explore, to find my own style. I look forward to joining him again in search of light and motion." - Behrooz Bashokooh (1-2-1 Workshop)

Workshops are the perfect way to improve your photography skills. I believe everyone who is passionate about photography should engage in at least one workshop per year, regardless of their current level of expertise. I've been a photographer for over 30 years and I still try to get myself on a workshop once a year with a photographer whose work I admire. I find it tremendously worthwhile and inspirational.

Group Workshops

In 2016 I introduced my group photography workshops. These workshops have been specifically designed to focus on key areas of photography that will help improve your images from capture right through to a finished exhibition quality print. The courses are flexible enough to cater for various levels of expertise and workgroup sizes have been deliberately kept small (max 4 participants) to maximise the opportunity for learning potential and 1-2-1 tuition.

Classroom based workshops are run on the latest Apple hardware in a comfortable and relaxed environment. In the field workshops will be following soon. To register your interest and be notified as and when new workshops become available please join my mailing list. To see what previous workshop participants have to say about my workshops please read my Testimonials.

The 'Lightroom - from Camera to Print' workshop focuses on getting the very best from your digital images using Adobe Lightroom. The course covers a complete imaging workflow, from importing and organising your files, through a structured editing workflow that shows you how to get the very best quality from your images, to proofing and printing an exhibition quality print. For further details on what this workshop has to offer and to book a place please visit the following page:

The 'Creating Black & White Images with Impact' workshop is designed to help you get the very best b&w conversion possible from your colour digital files, featuring my own personal tips and tricks for maximising b&w image potential. This workshop also covers how to pre-visualise what scenes and images will work well in b&w as well as how to produce a exhibition quality b&w print with completely neutral tones. Further details and a booking form can be found here:


1-2-1 Workshops

1-2-1 bespoke photography workshops are the perfect solution for those looking to take their photography to the next level. Each workshop is specifically tailored to meet your needs. I will work with you beforehand to identify key areas you would like to address during your workshop and create a practical plan based around this. Just some of the areas we can focus on include:
  • Colour and Black & White Landscape/Seascape Photography
  • Long Exposure Photography
  • Working a location
  • Filters - what to use and when
  • Post-processing in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop
  • Getting the best out of your prints
  • Workflow techniques
  • Creative vision

Whatever your current experience level, I am confident that my 1-2-1 workshops will assist you in pushing your photography further and benefit you for many years to come.

1-2-1 workshops are based around the North East of Scotland and start at £180 per day.

Please Contact Me to discuss your requirements in more detail.