Print FAQ

What are Signature Edition prints?
Signature Editions are gallery grade art prints created by the artist. Made using only the highest quality materials, each comes with an artists’ signature, edition number and a signed and embossed Certificate of Authenticity.

Signature Editions are limited in number. Once an edition of a particular image sells out it will no longer be available for purchase as a Signature Edition print.

Can I buy an Open Edition print?
Open Edition (unsigned/unnumbered) prints are available to purchase in a variety of sizes and formats from the Dave Bowman Photography PoD (print-on demand) website.

What is the difference between a Signature Edition and an Open Edition print?
Signature Edition: Created, signed and numbered by the hand of the artist, Signature Editions are limited in number. They are produced using carefully selected materials designed to display the artwork at its very best. The exclusivity a Signature Edition print offers will appeal to collectors and art buyers alike.

Open Edition: Produced by a professional print lab and unsigned/unnumbered, Open prints are available in a variety of sizes and formats (canvas, acrylic, metal, etc.) as well as traditional giclée prints. Open prints are of exceptional quality and a cost attractive alternative to a Signature Edition print.

How do I purchase a Signature Edition print?
To purchase a Signature Edition select the 'Buy a Print' option beneath the image you would like to purchase.

SMALL:      21 x 21/30cm (8 x 8/12")      -   edition of 25
MEDIUM:   33 x 33/48cm (13 x 13/19")  -   edition of 15
LARGE:      42 x 42/59cm (16 x 16/23")  -   edition of 10